You make the first call...we’ll make the rest.


Not sure what to do about new business development?
First Call Marketing specializes in business-to-business telemarketing.  We help our customers find new business selling opportunities through outbound call programs designed to uncover interested prospects. 

It's hard to calculate the lost revenue from not engaging in a consistent prospecting effort to keep your business thriving. Yet many businesses haven't effectively utilized one of the most powerful business development tools available to them - the telephone. There exists a proven and highly effective method of keeping your new business funnel full of qualified prospects. It is a method that has been around for decades, is undiscovered by many, and misunderstood by most. Finding and identifying prospects is accomplished through a planned, professional outbound calling effort called “teleprospecting”.

We’ll make it easy for you…..

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Here’s how it works…..

We can have your campaign started in as little as two to three days. We employ the best, most experienced phone personalities in the business.  We know business-to-business outbound.  Our phone presentations are professional, to-the-point, and polite.  We are always respectful towards the people we call, and we strive to represent your company in a professional and courteous manner.

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Jack DeVault
President, First Call Marketing

As a consultant, owner/operator of a telemarketing service agency, and former call center manager, Jack has worked with over 1000 companies, helping to build successful call campaigns, That experience has brought him credibility as an industry veteran. He incorporates his proven and time-tested teleprospecting strategies to help client businesses to find more prospects.