About Us

First Call Marketing specializes in business-to-business (B2B) telephone marketing programs, designed to grow your client base by identifying qualified and interested prospects.  Prospect information and details are promptly turned over to you for timely follow up.

We can help you implement a B2B telephone prospecting program in two ways:

  1. Outsourcing the calls to a telephone marketing service bureau
    We employ the best, experienced phone personalities we can find.  We know business-to-business outbound.  Our phone presentations are professional, to-the-point, but polite.  We are always respectful towards the people we call, and we will represent your company in a professional and courteous manner
  2. An in-house program staffed and operated internally
    Our objectives in assisting customers to develop an "in-house" program are to:
    • Conduct the recruiting, interviewing, and selection of a suitable telemarketing candidate for the program
    • Provide training to ensure an understanding of the basic fundamentals of telephone prospecting, consultative selling and customer service techniques
    • Establish a program framework for organizing an on-going telemarketing campaign
    • Consult with executive/management staff and clarify the key factors critical to the supervision and ultimate success of your campaign

Both of these options have their respective advantages, and our company can provide assistance with either of these two approaches. What works best for your company will depend on varying factors. We will counsel with you to help determine which program is best suited for your company.

There are multiple factors that can influence telemarketing's success or failure.  Scripts, lists, call objectives are all important elements.  However, perhaps the “key” component in any successful telemarketing operation is the right person to execute the campaign calls.  No less critical is management's commitment to making it effective. Consulting with an experienced consultant can help you to gain the perspective needed for maintaining the viability of your program.